Mental Health Association of Rockland County and Genoa Healthcare Open New Integrated Pharmacy

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The Mental Health Association of Rockland County (MHA of Rockland) is proud to announce the grand opening of our in-house, integrated pharmacy. This integrated pharmacy, in partnership with Genoa Healthcare, is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley and the fourth in all of New York State. MHA of Rockland serves approximately 5,000 individuals per year in a wide array of therapeutic and supportive services, across more than forty distinct programs for youth, adults and families. It is expected that this innovative project will have tremendous value for those we serve, as well as for our staff of two hundred employees.

Genoa Healthcare specializes in integrated pharmacies, located within behavioral healthcare centers, with a specific focus upon serving the clients, staff, and families of each host agency. There are currently 467 sites within 47 states, serving more than 800,000 clients affected by behavioral health and complex physical health issues. Until recently, New York State law prohibited the creation of such pharmacies. MHA of Rockland and Genoa leadership partnered with various local and state politicians to advocate for change, and indeed accomplished legislative reform in 2018. This reform paved the way for integrated pharmacies across the state, driving innovation that is expected to mirror the impressive nationwide data. This data reveals that such pharmacies drive a 91% medication adherence rate, 18% reduction in emergency department visits, and a 40% reduction in hospitalizations. 

Our pharmacy offers unique services and benefits to our clientele including: warm, personal relationships with our in-house pharmacist; coordinated care with our clinical staff; exceptional communication between our pharmacist and prescribers; counseling for clients on the side effects of medication and possible drug interactions; refill synchronization; customized, portable medication packs for ease of use (organized by time of day, day or week); assistance with prior authorizations; delivery to clients’ homes and residential programs; and personalized refill reminder calls. We have seen the value of all the aforementioned services, as well as many more.

MHA of Rockland has a 68 year history of providing outstanding services to more than 50,000 Rockland residents since our inception in 1951. We have grown from a grassroots organization, to the premier provider of behavioral health services in our community. We consistently strive to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental health and/or substance use issues, and recognize that innovative, trauma informed care is a key to our success. We are confident that this innovative pharmacy will result in improved care and even better outcomes for those we are dedicated to serving.