Affiliate Resources for Mapping the MHA Screening Data

These resources are for affiliate internal use only. Please do not share or distribute outside of your organizations.

In 2021, MHA published a public dashboard of mental health risk in the United States that supports our goal of identifying those communities at highest risk and need for mental health support. MHA Screening is not only the largest existing data set of help-seeking individuals for mental health conditions, but it collects data in real time as people are actively taking screens. This allows MHA National and our affiliates to recognize and respond to changes and trends in the mental health of the nation faster than any other data set in the country. Building a local data mapping dashboard from your MHA Screening data can aid in developing an actionable pathway to support policy and program opportunities to address mental health needs locally and at the state level.

The following resources are designed to help affiliates create their own mapping dashboards using their monthly or quarterly MHA Screening data. If you are interested in receiving Screening data from MHA National, email Mika Sakamoto at

You will need to purchase a Tableau license to use the three Tableau files above. You can find more information on purchasing a Tableau license on page 7 of the Toolkit for Creating Data Mapping Dashboards. If you are interested in creating a mapping dashboard for internal use and do not want to purchase a Tableau license, please email Maddy Reinert at to discuss how MHA National may support this work.

For more information on data mapping or for technical assistance in using the above files, please watch the recorded training or email Maddy Reinert at